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Ready to Load
Ready to Load I always lay out my glazed pots so I can visualize the load. This also helps for efficiently loading similar sizes on the same kiln shelf.
March loading
March loading Beginning the loading. I like to stagger the shelf heights so I do not have all small shelves in one area and all taller spaces in another. I believe this helps create a more even firing atmosphere. Remember, glazing is a chemical reaction under heat, so things won't be the same color after they are fired!
March Firing
March Firing This is a typical firing. I often fire other peoples work in my kiln load to save a little money. I fire at a Potter's Guild using a kiln I built for them more than 10 years ago.
Firing Results of a firing in March 2014. This was mostly a restocking load in preparation for the upcoming art fair season.
Firing2 More pieces from the March 2014 firing.
July14 Firing
July14 Firing Pic of the July 2014 reduction firing.

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