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Moonlight Repose b
Moonlight Repose b Moving around the figure.
Moonlight Repose c
Moonlight Repose c Moving around the figure.
Moonlight Repose d
Moonlight Repose d Moving around the figure.
Guardians Series No 3 b
Guardians Series No 3 b Another in the Guardian series, this boasts 4 "mandles", one of which is my maternal grandfather.
Mandle Balance a
Mandle Balance a This 2 foot tall piece features a pair of "mandle" acrobats performing shoulder stands on nothing less than the shoulder of the vessel.
Juglicious side 2
Juglicious side 2
XL Sphere
XL Sphere If you remove the rim and the foot, this sphere would be perfectly round. It is graced by a five glaze combination that nods to my abstract expressionist heroes. 14.5" tall by 13.25" round.
Shoulder Still my wife's favorite, "Shoulder" is another study of raw power at ease.
Back in Black
Back in Black One of my favorites for its technical complexity contrasted by elegant curves. This was also the first piece in this series to be sold.
Quiet Power
Quiet Power "Quiet Power" is a study of a potentially great force in a state of rest.
Hand and Feet
Hand and Feet I wouldn't say that I have a "fetish" for feet, but I do love sculpting them. I love the way the toes curl and displace other toes. I would build a bathroom decor around this piece.
XY Back in Black
XY Back in Black In contrast to the female version of "Back in Black", this pose is sculpted with a harder edge to it.
Broken Bridge
Broken Bridge A literal pun and a figurative metaphor, "Broken Bridge" entertains the brain as well as the eyes.
Bridge Torso
Bridge Torso "Bridge Torso" does a wonderful job of abstracting the figure. By limiting the information and creating hard edge shadow lines, it takes the figure out if its element. Yet, once you discover it for what it truly is, that's all you will ever see in it.
Twisted Torso
Twisted Torso I confess to being amazed by the human back. I love to see muscles rippling underneath the skin as the torso turns. We spent nearly 2 hours over two sessions with this pose before I was satisfied.
Repose 2
Repose 2 This piece resides in the home of my very good friends Mindy and Tony.

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