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Mitch Sigmund: Potter Extraordinaire

I started pottery as a sophomore at Wisconsin Dells High School. Having been thrust into a ceramics class against my will, I was very resistant to it at first. Regardless, the magic of clay immediately disintegrated all doubts. I have not looked back and have now been potting for over 30 years.

My foundation in clay was supplemented by observing and interrogating every potter I met. I would glean every scrap of knowledge or technique I could from each and then weld the pieces together to form bits that worked for me. My early influences included: Steve Becker, John Tiller, Brad Wells, Don Hunt, Bruce Breckenridge, and Bruce Howdle.

Teaching pottery was the biggest single improvement to my abilities. I believe you have to truly and thoroughly comprehend a skill or idea in order to effectively instruct someone in it. The more I taught, the more I learned, and the more effective I became as a teacher and a potter.

A few years after I started working at a production pottery, I went back to college to complete my BFA. While there, I tried to unlearn production throwing. I soon realized that this was a mistake. My production background gave me an extreme advantage over other students who simply couldn’t work out an idea as quickly as I could. My learning curve expanded. After I learned to embrace rather than shun the vessel, my limits were boundless.

In 1997, I competed in the Cambridge Pottery Festival and US Pottery Games. I finished third in my division on my first try. From 1999 to 2005, I have finished first or second in my division, after which I retired from that competition.

In 1999-2000 I was granted the opportunity to assist pottery legend Don Reitz. This was a tremendous experience for me and has reshaped how I approach art, pottery and being in the business of art.

After many years of occasional art fairs and shows, I finally made the commitment to be a full time artist in 2012. Now in 2018, I feel I have really hit my stride. Please stop out and check out my latest work.


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