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BFA - University of Wisconsin - Madison 2002


Taught Pottery at:

Lakeside Pottery

Madison Area Technical College

Memorial Union Craft Shop

Higher Fire Gallery

Madison Schools & Community Recreation

Adamah Clay Studios

Countless workshops at public schools across Madison and throughout Wisconsin


I have an amazing 9 year old daughter named Isabel with the love of my life and spouse Laurie. Laurie is supportive beyond any hopes I dared dream. She has accepted the sacrifice of summer weekends to fairs and festivals with grace and love, as she knows only through art can I truly be whole. Isabel is the best of both of us combined. I could not have wished for a better child to help guide through life.

In addition to pottery, I enjoy working in metal and wood. I am a competent carpenter, and I am learning to carve and work the lathe. Even though I only know a little about it, I love smithing steel. The hammer just feels right in my hand.

In the spring and summer, I tend a fair sized vegetable garden. I love seeing it grow, and consuming its bounty. Baseball is the only sport I truely follow, and I can easily discuss details of the Brewers' or Cubs' season. In addition, I am a movie buff. Since Isabel, however, I am not nearly as up to date on current PG13 or higher rated movies as I used to be. ;)

I also enjoy keeping fit through sports. Racquetball, volleyball and softball are my 3 most common activities. Playing sports also helps fend off the negative effects of my other hobby. I really enjoy cooking and better yet, eating. While I have a few dishes I will put up against most comers, I bow to true chefs and their ability to turn anything into a masterpiece.




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